You've registered as a consignor, now what?


Log in to our database

Click here  to log in with your consignor number and password.  

Activities Menu

Click on the "Activities Menu" at the top of the page and then choose "Work with  Consigned Inventory."  This will take you to the "Consignor Inventory Menu."

Consignor Inventory Menu

From here, select how you would like to enter your items (Mobile, PC, Voice entry, etc).  Before you start entering items, it's a good idea to sort your stuff.  I sort all of my clothing first by gender, and then by type and size, so that it speeds up the process of entering each item.  (You won't have to change the category and size selections each time).

Start entering your items!

If you've pre-sorted your items (you'll need to sort them for drop-off anyway) this will go super fast!  Enter category, size, description, and price.  You choose how much to price your items.  If you need help, check out these guidelines from Consignment Mommies.  Choose if you'd like your item to be marked down on the last day of the sale (you'll have a higher sell-through rate if you do this) by checking the appropriate box.  Also, choose if you'd like to have any unsold items donated upon completion of the sale by checking that box (we will be seeking recommendations for organizations to donate items to soon).  If you do not wish to do those things, leave those boxes blank.  Then click "Submit Item."

Printing tags

When you're reading to print your tags, click "Return to Inventory Menu" and then choose "Print Tags."  Tags print and scan best on white cardstock.  Once your tags have printed, cut them out and attach to items (use a tagging gun or safety pins for clothing, tape or zip ties for toys/shoes/etc).  

A Few Tips

Shoes:  Use zip ties to hold them together and attach tag via zip tie, or place shoes in Ziploc bag and attach tag to front of bag with clear packing tape.

Media:  Tags should be on white cardstock.  DVDs must be kid or family friendly.  Books must be for kids, teens, or parenting/teaching/maternity related.  It is recommended to place books in ziploc bags and attach the tag to the outside of the bag so the tape does not ruin the book's cover.  If you choose not to put your book in a bag, attach your tag to the back of the book.

Clothing:  Wash all clothing and try to hang them right out of the dryer so they don't look wrinkled.  All clothing must be on a hanger.  Top of hanger should form a question mark shape when looking at the front of the clothing item.  Separate clothing by gender and size.  Tags should be on white cardstock.  All clothing must be on hangers, except for socks and hats.  Safety pins and plastic tagging gun barbs are the only things that shoudl be used to secure your tags to clothing/hangers.  Use tagging gun or safety pin to attach tag.  When possible, attach tag through garment tag already on item.  

Bedding sets and blankets:  Place in ziploc bags and attach tag with clear packing tape to outside.  Make sure to list what is included.  

Toys, gear, and furniture:  Zip tie or tape tag to larger toys.  Use Ziploc bags for toys will lots of pieces and tape tag to front.  Clean everything really well and make sure electronic items have working batteries.  All puzzles must have all pieces.  Try wrapping them in saranwrap  or placing in an XL ziploc bag and secure tag to outside.  Baby carriers, slings, diaper bags, etc should be attached to hangers with safety pins.